4L Mini Fridge, AC+DC Portable Cooler and Warmer for Home or Car, White HOMCOM


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This mini fridge has a 4L capacity, enough to hold 6 x 330ml cans. It features a removable divider that separates the fridge into two sections, making it easy to organize small items like skincare products, yogurt, and fruit.

The 4L Mini Fridge is equipped with high-performance insulation, allowing it to cool down to a maximum of 18-2°C below room temperature and heat up to 60-5°C when the room temperature is 25°C.

This dual-use fridge comes with 230V/50Hz AC and 12V DC adapters, making it suitable for both indoor and car use. It also has a carry handle that can be locked onto the lid for easy transportation.

The smart design includes a cup holder molded into the lid to prevent spills, and a transparent door with a storage box that allows you to check on your food at any time.

The fridge measures 25.8L x 20.5W x 26.3Hcm, with an inner space of 13.7W x 14D x 7.2Hcm in the upper section and 13.7W x 14D x 12.8Hcm in the lower section.