7000 BTU Air Conditioner for Bedroom by HOMCOM


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This 7000 BTU Air Conditioner offers four modes: cooling, dehumidifying, ventilating, and sleep. You can select the mode that best fits your needs at different times of the day. It also provides two speed settings and an up/down swing function to cover a larger area.

A 24-hour timer is included, making it simple to set a specific operating time for the unit. This prevents overuse and energy waste, and is particularly useful for nighttime settings.

The 7000 BTU Air Conditioner features an LED screen and comes with a remote control for easy adjustments. Whether you’re near or far, you can effortlessly change the settings. Please note that the remote requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included.

The portability of this 7000 BTU Air Conditioner is enhanced by four swivel wheels, allowing it to be easily moved from room to room. A water draining pipe is included for convenience.

With a maximum cooling capacity of 7000BTU, this portable air conditioner ensures optimal comfort.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in any room is a breeze with this HOMCOM air conditioner. It offers four modes – cooling, dehumidifying, ventilating, and sleep – allowing you to choose the ideal setting for your comfort. You can also adjust the speed to either slow or fast, depending on your preference.

The direction of the air output can be altered up or down to target specific areas. The inclusion of an LED screen and a remote control makes it effortless to modify the settings from any location in the room. Plus, the unit is equipped with four roller wheels for easy mobility. How convenient!


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