Adjustable Ab Exercise Trainer for Core Workout by HOMCOM


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This Ab Exercise Trainer is a versatile exercise stand that can function as an abdominal trainer or a sit-up bench. It’s designed to help you work out your waist, abs, legs, arms, and glutes, burn calories, and tone muscles. Equipped with a rebound function design and a pair of resistance bands, it offers all the features needed for a high-intensity core workout or to assist with sit-ups for recovery and muscle growth.

The Ab Exercise Trainer features an LCD monitor that keeps you updated on your workout time, calories burned, and frequency. This allows you to focus on your workout while the machine records your progress.

Constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame with a powder-coated finish, the trainer is durable and sturdy. It has a PU surface with vinyl foam padding, soft padded ankle pads, and back support pads to ensure security and comfort during exercise.

The back soft foam rollers not only provide support and protection but also aid in the exercise process. The comfortable handles reduce hand strain, offering a safer and healthier way to exercise. The PU surface is low maintenance.

The overall dimensions of the Ab Exercise Trainer are 117L x 46W x 70H cm, and the seat measures 30L x 29W cm. It has a weight capacity of 100kg. The trainer is finished with grip pads on the end of the feet to protect the floor while you work out on your abs, thighs, and more.


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