Childrens Pedal Go Kart with Adjustable Seat, Rubber Wheels, Brake in Pink by HOMCOM


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Pedal Go Kart Adjustable Seat: The seat can be adjusted between 0-6cm and switched among three different positions, ensuring a comfortable seating experience. This pedal car can be used by children as they grow taller, making it suitable for ages 5-12 years.

Ease of Use: Equipped with a handbrake and steering wheel, this pedal go-kart is easy to control, whether it’s moving forward, reversing, or stopping. It features a BFR system, which stands for brake, freewheel, and reverse.

Durable Wheels: The go-kart is fitted with tough, wear-resistant rubber wheels that have a shock-absorbing suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride. It performs well on various surfaces such as cement, brick, and asphalt pavements.

Pedal-Powered: This Pedal Go Kart doesn’t require a battery and is always ready to go. Pedaling helps improve the children’s leg strength, coordination, and endurance.

Dimensions & Load Capacity: The dimensions of the go-kart are 61H x 121L x 58Wcm, and the seat measures 35H x 35W x 28Dcm. It can support a maximum load of 50kg. Some assembly is required.