Kids Sandpit Square Wooden Children Cabana Sandbox Outdoor Playset


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ADJUSTABLE CANOPY: The canopy’s position can be easily adjusted by turning a knob, providing children with protection from direct sunlight in the Outdoor Playset.

TWO BENCHES: The Kids Sandpit features two stable benches for children to sit on, with high backs to prevent them from falling backwards while playing.

WOOD FRAME: The Kids Sandpit is built with a solid wood frame that holds everything together. It’s resistant to cracking and fading and is polished all over for safety.

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The backrest can be folded flat and converted into a cover to protect the sand when not in use, shielding the sandpit from bad weather, animals, and debris. The seats and backrests are detachable, allowing the play area to be expanded as desired.

BEST GAME CENTER: The Kids Sandpit is a perfect fit for the backyard, creating an entertaining space for children. It allows your child to enhance their creativity, imagination, and teamwork skills through digging and building play. The large play area also enables kids to invite their friends to join in the fun.

Barcode: 5056399124198

Brand: Outsunny


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