Mermaid Blanket for Adults 60x170cm


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One of the dreams of many girls is to turn into a mermaid… The dream then becomes a cheerful fantasy as adults. In this case, the fantasy of becoming a mermaid can still become reality with our mermaid blanket. Thanks to the girls fleece blanket, you can enjoy even more the comforts and the warmth that offers an afternoon or an evening spent on the sofa or on the bed of your room. The mermaid blanket for adult is a cross between a blanket and a sleeping bag with the shapes of a mermaid’s tail. To add wonder there is the colour of the girl blanket, with its scales design along the legs.

The material is 100% polyester so the mermaid fleece blankets for girls are not only original or beautiful to look at,they are also soft and very warm and are perfect for staying warm while doing what you like best. Are you ready for your movie evening? This mermaid blanket for adults is perfect for enjoying a nice movie on the sofa while keeping your legs warm. During the evenings on the sofa while watching a movie or reading a nice book, by dint of holding our legs still, they cool down, and we feel cold on our feet.

Now with the animal tail blanket will no longer be so. This fish tail blanket is perfect for evenings with friends and pyjamas party. When you wear the girls mermaid tail blanket, your imagination will be free to fly and let you spend fantastic adventures surrounded by mermaids and newts. Dimensions of the girls fluffy blanket: Width: 56cm Length: 132cm Weight: 0.2kg Start your fantastic adventure in the depths of the sea, buy today girls mermaid blanket!

REALISTIC DESIGN – The fleece mermaid blankets for adults have a scales pattern along the legs and tail typical of mermaids

WARM – The mermaid tail blanket for kids in fleece is made of 100% polyester, soft and especially warm for your winter evenings

PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASIONS – The warm blanket mermaid tail can be used while sitting on the sofa watching a movie, reading a book in your room, evenings in the garden and even at a pyjamas party ONE SIZE FITS ALL – The mermaid blankets in fleece can be used by both young girls and dreamy adults