Outsunny Garden Shed Storage Unit with Locking Door in Green


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This Outsunny Garden Shed is perfect for securely storing all your outdoor tools, equipment, and gardening gear. It features:

  • A robust structure made of galvanised steel with a protective top coat
  • A double sliding door that is lockable for easy access
  • A sloped roof to prevent water accumulation and protect against surface damage and rust
  • Four ventilation holes to keep the interior fresh and well-ventilated
  • A floor foundation for a level structure on the ground
  • Assembly is required
  • The shed is green in colour
  • The materials used are galvanised steel and polypropylene
  • The overall dimensions are 213L x 130W x 185Hcm
  • The interior room dimensions are 203L x 117W x 185Hcm
  • The wall height is 155cm
  • The sliding door size is 96L x 152Hcm
  • The vents size is 21.8L x 9.8Wcm
  • The item label is 845-030GN

This Outsunny Garden Shed is designed to keep your garden equipment and outdoor essentials safe and secure. It is constructed from strong galvanised steel and features a lockable double sliding door on the front for easy access. The Outsunny Garden Shed also has four vents to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup. It is finished with a protective weather coating and includes a floor foundation for stability on the ground.


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