Ride-On Toddler Bulldozer Scooter Storage Cart Construction Truck


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THREE-IN-ONE DESIGN: This versatile toy can function as a toddler scooter, a bulldozer, a storage cart, or even an emergency toilet. Kids can use it as a scooter to learn to walk, and the bulldozer toy is designed to stimulate children’s intelligence. A large-capacity storage box is located under the sealed seat, which can hold small toys and can also serve as an emergency toilet for children.

REALISTIC FEATURES: The toy includes a controllable bulldozer shovel, flexible arms, and an up/down scooping bucket, adding to the fun and excitement.

STURDY: Constructed from thick plastic, the structure can support your child’s weight during use. The seat is equipped with a backrest for safety and has convenient storage underneath.

DIMENSIONS: The toy measures 39H x 80L x 26.5Wcm, with a seat size of 22.5H x 22.5L x 15Wcm. It is suitable for children aged three years and older. The maximum load capacity is 30kg. Assembly is required.


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