TTfone TT190: The Simple and Cheap Emergency Phone for Seniors (Vodafone PAYG)


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TTfone TT190

Unique Design with Ease of Use in Mind

Looking for an easy to use, basic and simple mobile phone for an elderly relative or do you need one for yourself? Here at TTfone we design mobile phones that go back to basics, these have easy and simple menus, extra loud speakers with clear quality sound. Large separated physical buttons instead of hard to use touch screens. Bright clear displays with high visual contrast and large fonts.


The TTfone TT190 is not only one of our newest phone but is also our cheapest emergency assistance mobile phone. It is simple to use and is a very handy pocket size. TT190 is the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile phone with Bluetooth, Emergency Assistance button, large buttons and loud volume.

Large Separated Buttons for Easy Texting

Simple Keypad – The TT190 has a large separated keypad for easier typing. With talking keys and distinct red and green keys for making and ending calls. The TT190 has a speed dial facility. The speed dial key lets you contact someone on a press of a key. This completely eliminates the need of remembering numbers of relatives and friends.

Loud volume

A fantastic mobile for the hard of hearing including vibration call alerts, super-loud ringtones & outstanding call clarity. Enjoy clearer conversations thanks to good sound quality and loud volume.

Emergency Assistance Button / SOS Alarm

The TTfone TT190 has also our key feature: the designated Emergency Assistance Button, making independent seniors confident and comfortable to do their everyday activities without making their loved ones worry about their well-being. The single click SOS option makes it easier for contacting in case of emergency, thus making the emergency calling in the best manner for their family or friends. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all-important call. Feel the security of having an emergency button that will call and text friends and loved ones with the touch of one button.

Handy Flashlight

Separate, dedicated switch for using the bright torch on the top of the phone, never fumble to find your keys in the dark again.

Handy phone

TT190 is another simple to use and very handy pocket-sized phone and the perfect phone for those who need a basic mobile phone without all the complications of a smartphone.

Easy charging

The TT190 comes with a USB charging cable in the box which can be used on any PC or Laptop. You can use any existing USB charger plug that you already have at home just simply plug in the included USB cable. You can also purchase separately a USB mains plug charger if you wish to.

Long Battery Life

Battery life on the TT190 is huge, with a 600mah removable battery and the simple and basic nature of the software the standby time on this phone can last 5 whole days before you need to charge the phone again.

The TTfone TT190 is unlocked, sim free and will work with all 2G networks including: Vodafone O2 EE Virgin Giff Gaff Tesco ASDA, Asda Mobile, BT Mobile, EE, giffgaff, O2, Plusnet Mobile, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Unlocked, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, VOXI – NOTE this phone will not work on 3G only networks like Three, Smarty and ID Mobile


In the box – GSM Handset, Battery, User manual, USB cable, Vodafone sim card

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