Wall Mounted Can Crusher


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Wall Mounted Can Crusher

WALL CAN CRUSHER: Reduce the size of your beer, soda, or cider 500ml/16oz cans. Crush the can, pull down the grip, and watch the can get squeezed. Perfect for saving space.

RECYCLING HELP: If you have always wanted to recycle, but the cans take so much space in your recycling bin, why not try to crush them? With this crusher for beer cans, you will now be able to save space when recycling and start doing good for the environment.

EASY ACTION LEVEL ARM: The beer crasher comes with a soft rubber grip handle to squeeze the cans. Only one hand is needed to crush the cans. Even kids will find it highly satisfying. It can be a great way to introduce the recycling process to the whole family. Easy to use and easy to install. The wall mounted can crusher can be mounted to any wall or flat surface with a screwdriver.

BUILT-IN OPENER: Our beer can crasher not only squeezes but also opens bottles! A convenient device to open bottles is placed at the bottom of the tool. You no longer have to rummage in your kitchen drawers for a bottle opener. There are two different uses for just one device.

PRACTICAL DESIGN: Its neutral metallic colour will fit any kitchen or garage design. Easy to operate and with optimal hand control. High leverage design makes recycling simple, fast, and safe.

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