Struggling for Sales Online? List Your Products on Ordify

Struggling for Sales Online?

In the vast expanse of the online marketplace, businesses are engaged in a constant battle to attract customers. With a plethora of options at their fingertips, customers have become more selective and discerning. Despite having an excellent product line and a user-friendly website, you may find it challenging to draw customers and generate sales. The struggle is real and can be disheartening.

The Solution: Our Platform

But don’t lose heart just yet. We have a solution that could turn your fortunes around. Our platform is specifically designed to help businesses like yours boost their online sales. By listing your products on our site, you can leverage our established customer base and extensive marketing efforts to your advantage.

Zero Fees, More Profits

What sets us apart is our commitment to your success. We charge 0% fees on each product you sell online through our platform. The only exception is a minimal payment fee of 1.4% + 20p, which is significantly lower than what most other platforms charge. This means you get to keep a larger share of your profits, giving you more resources to invest back into your business.

Your account is not at risk of deactivation

Unlike eBay and Amazon, you’re not going to wake up to a message saying your selling privileges have been revoked. We understand your business is valuable to you, we know you might be self employed and rely on the sales generated through the site and we also want you to be comfortable, knowing you can invest into your business without losing it all.

Easy Listing Process

We understand that as a business owner, your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve streamlined our listing process to be as quick and easy as possible. Sell online by simply uploading your product details, setting your prices. No complicated procedures, no unnecessary paperwork.

Reach a Wider Audience

Our platform is frequented by a diverse range of customers, providing your products with increased visibility. More visibility means more potential customers, and ultimately, more sales. By listing your products on our site, you’re effectively expanding your reach beyond your existing customer base.

Benefit from Our Marketing

When you list your products on our site, you’re not just gaining a new sales channel. You’re also tapping into our marketing efforts. We regularly promote our platform and the products listed on it through various marketing channels. This gives your products even more exposure, attracting more potential buyers.

3PL and Warehousing

We’re working right next to you. We want to make your life easier. If you’d like, we can handle your inventory/products for you. Ship them to us from your wholesaler and we will stock them for you. When a sale comes in, we will dispatch the order to your customer. You have access to your own dashboard/portal to see which inventory you have with us and all of your customer orders, all in one place.

We can even give you products to sell, work with wholesalers we have without you needing to apply with them, opening the door to more opportunity. That’s what we’re about.

International Sales

Sell online internationally. We will help you sell internationally. It’s harder to do it now since the UK left the EU but we will figure it out together.

Conclusion: Time to Boost Your Sales

If you’re struggling with online sales, it’s time to take action. Listing your products on our site could be the game-changer you need. Don’t let the challenges of online selling hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to reach a wider audience, benefit from our marketing efforts, and boost your sales. It’s time to stop struggling and start selling. List your products on our site today and watch your online sales soar. Your success is our success. Let’s achieve it together.


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